Japanese Language Course(1-year)

Develop Japanese skills necessary
to live and work in Japan

  • This is 1-year (April enrollment) course for students who aim to work in Japan or return to home country and aiming for employment at a Japanese company.
  • Aim to pass N1 or N2 level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT)

Curriculum / Timetable

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
1 period 9:00 ~ 9:45 comprehensive Japanese tutorial
13:00 ~ 13:45
2 period 9:55 ~ 10:40
13:55 ~ 14:40
3 period 10:50 ~ 11:35 writing listening
vocabulary grammar listening
14:50 ~ 15:35
4 period 11:45 ~ 12:30 creation strategy reading
grammar Fast reading
15:45 ~ 16:30
5 period 13:00 ~ 14:30 Prepare class
for N3
Prepare class
for N2
Prepare class
for N1
Prepare class
for EJU
Prepare class
for essay
16:50 ~ 18:20
  • Saturday class is only once a month.
  • There are morning class and afternoon class.

3 points in Learning

  • POINT1
    Acquire higher Japanese skills

    This is a 1-year course that comprehensively develops the four skills of “reading”, “writing”, “listening” and “speaking”. Also, aim to deepen the understanding of Japanese culture and acquire communication skills that will enable students to work in Japanese companies.

  • POINT2
    The class is divided based on the students’ level

    There will be placement test as soon as students enroll to school, so the class is going to be divided based on the students’ level. The lesson is going to be easy to understand because the class is suitable for their level.

  • POINT3
    Experience the Japanese culture

    Once a month, there is a class on Saturday. On that day, there is a practice exam for JLPT and experience cultural events of season: New Year calligraphy, Hanami(cherry blossom viewing).

After Graduation

After graduating HEISEI, students can start working in Japan or return home. We will guide and help to find a suitable career for students.