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  3. Academic Course (1.5 year / 2 years)

Academic Course (1.5 year / 2 years)

Develop practical Japanese skills for students planning to go to university or vocational college

  • There are 2 year course(starts April) and 18 month course(starts October).
  • 2year course will confer a diploma.
  • This course is for students planning to go to university, graduate school, or vocational college in Japan.
  • Aim to pass N1, N2 level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test(JLPT)

Curriculum / Timetable

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
1 period 9:00 ~ 9:45 comprehensive Japanese tutorial
13:00 ~ 13:45
2 period 9:55 ~ 10:40
13:55 ~ 14:40
3 period 10:50 ~ 11:35 writing listening
vocabulary grammar listening
14:50 ~ 15:35
4 period 11:45 ~ 12:30 creation strategy reading
grammar Fast reading
15:45 ~ 16:30
5 period 13:00 ~ 14:30 Prepare class
for N3
Prepare class
for N2
Prepare class
for N1
Prepare class
for EJU
Prepare class
for essay
16:50 ~ 18:20
  • Saturday class is only once a month.
  • There are morning class and afternoon class.

3 points in learning

  • POINT 1
    Lesson is 4 hours per day.

    The class is divided based on the students’ level, so the lesson is going to be in suitable for their level. Students will focus on reading, listening, writing and speaking and gain the 4 basic skills in a well balanced curriculum.

  • POINT 2
    Once a week there is an elective class.

    Students can choose a class that teaches skills that each student need.

  • POINT 3
    Once a month, we have classes on Saturday.

    On that day, there is a practice exam for JLPT and experience cultural events of season: New Year calligraphy, Hanami(cherry blossom viewing).

Student Voice



    At first, I was worried about living in Japan. But teachers were very supportive and anytime I had problems they would help me, so I have no worries about life in Japan!



    The teachers were very knowledgeable about preparing for entrance exams. Also, the teachers guide and support each student from application documents to mock interviews. I was able to proceed step by step without any worries.



    All the teachers are experienced and devoted! They teach not only language but about Japanese culture, so I can understand and learn about Japan more deeply.



    The school is close from the train station, so it is very convenient to go to school. The school has computer room and library, and all the facilities are well-equipped, so I can comfortably study.

After Graduation

There are many choices like, enroll in University, College, Vocational College, get a job, returning home. We will guide you and help you to find a suitable career.

  • FUTURE 1

    Many of the students will go on to university and college in Japan after graduation.

    There are many universities and colleges in Osaka, and you can choose a school that is right for your future. We will assist and guide you to enroll into the school or major that you seek.

  • FUTURE 2

    You can find a job if you graduated from university in your country.

    Well-balanced curriculum for developing Japanese skills and expertise necessary for finding a job in Japan.

  • FUTURE 3

    Choice of returning to your country.

    The students who graduate the 2 year academic course can confer a diploma in Culture and General Education. You can say “I graduated from a college in Japan” which will be useful when finding a job for Japanese-affiliated company.

Students support

As soon as students enter our school, personal counseling session is held between student and teacher. Not only deciding what kind of area or fields they want to study, but to give educational guidance based on career plans they have for the future.

List of schools that students enroll



    Tenri University Faculty of International Studies

    I was able to choose a school that was right for me, because I consulted with my homeroom teacher about my career as soon as school started.


    Hagoromo University of International Studies Department of Social Sciences

    There were class for test-taking strategy and teachers devotedly guided me to pass the entrance examination of my desire school.


    Nakanihon Automotive College

    I appreciate my teachers for supporting me through interview practice, application and the procedure for entrance. Thank you very much!


    Taisei Gakuin University Management Department

    Teachers are very kind. Teachers supported me until my school was decided. Thanks to them, I pass the exam!


    Higashiosaka College and Higashiosaka Junior College Department of care and welfare

    The teacher gave us one-on-one advice for the exam. It was encouraging because the teachers taught me things I didn’t understand.